Happy Birthday Aaron Tveit!

Next to Normal and Catch Me If You Can star Aaron Tveit was born on October 21. Check out photos, videos and more at

Featuring tons of beautiful birthday messages from Aaron’s global, loyal, and passionate fans. If you left a message, thank you for contributing and helping Aaron’s birthday be even more special! Like last year, they’ll be forwarded to him (maybe we’ll receive another “thank you”?). You guys are awesome.

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l-lokitty asked: Hey! Could you help me? I'm searching for 3 tickets for the Assassins' performance for the 11th January matinee. I could use your help in spreading the message :) thank you! Anyone interested drop me an ask!

Signal boost, in case anyone has any ticket info. Best of luck, OP!

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You have less than two days to leave birthday messages for Aaron!

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Aaron Tveit by Aleksandar Tomović


Aaron Tveit by Aleksandar Tomović

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2014 Birthday Submission Post

As you may know, Aaron’s (31st) birthday is coming up on October 21st. Once again, I have not arranged any kind of scrapbook or video for him. Instead, I’m merely asking that you – the fans – submit your own, individualized birthday wishes in this post. No fear: like in previous years, Aaron will see them. Feel free to leave “gifts” in the comments (well wishes, art and graphics).

All I ask is for you to be respectful with your messages. Please, nothing weird (photo manipulations) or über fanatical behavior (proposals) because it’s simply not cute. (For an idea on what to say/share, check out last year’s birthday post.) Every comment will be screened by me; if I deem it unacceptable, I will not approve it for the public eye. Use your good judgment, and keep it positive.

Comments won’t be revealed until his birthday, one week from today.
Hurry and post before then!

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: If you are submitting a picture in the comments, just post the URL. It will not show up if you try using HTML. I will make sure the image shows up before publishing the comment.

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fangirlaarontveit asked: Hej do you know what #stevenandmolly2014 is someone says it is a privat wedding and some one says it is an movie do you know anything about it I'm curious and confused love birgitte

It’s a wedding for actor Steven Booth and his now-wife, Molly. NYT has an article about them here.

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tellyleung: The cast of #cmongethappy


tellyleung: The cast of #cmongethappy

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gollumstolemyprecious asked: when he's on the full run, does that mean he's performing at every performance?


Hey there! The fact that he will be doing the full run means that he should be on for every performance from November - March, when it closes. But that doesn’t mean he will be on though, he could get sick or decide to take a few days off (from what I know about Broadway, actors are allowed so many vacation days in their contract. I’m fairly certain West End has a similar set up - even for limited runs). But if he does get sick or decides to take a few days off, that’s not something we will know way in advanced, but either the day he isn’t on or a few days prior if we’re lucky. Basically, he will be JWB for the entire run, but there may be a few performances here or there he may miss for one reason or another. Hope that made sense/answered your question!

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onlytryingtogetthrough asked: Hi lovely... I've booked tickets for assassins on the 23rd december... If you get any news about how long Aaron will be in the show would it be possible to let me know? :)

Definitely. I will update as soon as I know!

Edit: Good news! Baz Bamigboye has confirmed that Aaron is attached to the full run of the show; see his Twitter.

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Anonymous asked: So Aaron will be there for the entire run of Assassins?

I still haven’t heard back. I’ll let everyone know ASAP, if/when I get an answer!

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